Outline of the Wings Awards Scheme

The scheme has several levels; Each level is designed to be flexible and can be achieved in several different ways. Each activity is not overly prescriptive and as long as the pilot is developing and working within the spirit of the scheme, credit will be awarded.

Some pilots may well already meet the requirements of the higher levels and can receive an award for that starting point. However, the most important thing is that they also have a plan for their next award level to focus in on maintaining and developing skills and knowledge. Even when the highest level is achieved, continual learning should be the norm and additional recognition may be given.

The scheme consists of 4 levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. The starting point of Bronze is awarded when a pilot achieves their baseline pilots’ licence (eg. PPL, LAPL, NPPL) and rating (eg. SEP, SSEA, TMG) and joins ESFC. Their award will be recognised and celebrated amongst the ESFC members. They will also be allocated a CRI, FI or another suitably experienced pilot from ESFC to introduce them to the scheme and to help them create their own structured development plan. Every pilot is different and will be motivated by different aspects of flying e.g. touring, aerobatics, instrument flying etc and the scheme is designed to cater for as many as possible although it is recognised it will not suit everyone.

Subsequent levels will be achieved once the relevant experiences, qualification, training etc have been achieved. There is no requirement to achieve a minimum number of hours. Whilst hours will be accumulated along the journey, this is not the purpose of the scheme. Pilots achieving each level will be recognised by ESFC in various publicity events to encourage others to join the movement.


Any feedback or suggestions for improvement are welcome and should be forwarded to one of the scheme administrators.