Wings Award Scheme

The scheme has several levels; Each level is designed to be flexible and can be achieved in several different ways. Each activity is not overly prescriptive and as long as the pilot is developing and working within the spirit of the scheme, credit will be awarded.

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Newly qualified pilots are encouraged to discuss their plan with one of the scheme administrators. This will help ensure the plan is consistent with the spirit of the scheme and also enable the administrator to provide advice, coaching or identify tuition.

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Applications should be sent into ESFC or left with one of the scheme administrators. They will review the application and approve the award as required.  Suitable evidence should be provided to support the achievements such as log book entries, course certificates.

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Experiences gained by flying either as a pilot alone or with a flying buddy (instructor (CRI, FI) or a more experienced pilot). 


Formal flight training that results in the award of a rating or the acquisition of new skills and knowledge. 


Focussed on ground based training (long and short courses) rather than skills maintained through flight training.


The intent of the ESFC scheme is to provide a supportive framework for private pilots, no matter what experience they have, to ensure skills and knowledge are retained, refreshed and developed to provide a challenge to their flying and to increase their enjoyment and confidence with inherent improvements in flight safety. It is hoped that all pilots will, as a result, be able to maintain the basic skills required for a renewal of a rating as well as learning new skills along the way and receive a certificate of achievement during the journey.

If you want some help in understanding the scheme or developing your plan please let us know and we'll try and help and will also support your flying where you want some confidence building activities.